We are a small family owned business run by Danish Master Brewer Stig Andersen, Danish-Greenlandic Inuit Fine Artist and author Anna Marie Andersen and our daughter Amalie Andersen, but without our valued customers and our likewise valued employees, Stonehenge Spring Water would probably never have been filled into bottles – at least not by us.




In September 1993, we uprooted from Denmark and moved to the brewery at Netheravon. The brewery’s very idyllic setting on the banks of the River Avon - the old Neolithic highway – is only a mere stone’s throw from Stonehenge.


Stonehenge Ales Ltd, then Bunces Brewery, was started in 1984 by Tony and Robinetta Bunce. They did all the initial hard work and started brewing in the old electrical power plant. The power plant was built in 1914 in connection with the Great War to supply electricity to Netheravon Airfield.


The generation of electricity never quite worked and since 1914 the beautiful red brick building has been put to many different uses. There is no doubt that the building lends itself beautifully as an old fashioned tower brewery with gravity being supported by only one single pump.


In July 1993, we left Denmark and a spoiled life style and became micro-brewers in England, and ever since then life has been a great challenge. The name change from Bunces Brewery to Stonehenge Ales Ltd took place in 1998, as we thought this more appropriate being so close to the World Heritage Site.




You can’t live on Salisbury Plain and not be puzzled by and attracted to the many ancient and mysterious neolithic monuments. And living so close to Stonehenge is magical. Being half Inuit and artist made Anna Marie listen to the call of the land and its hidden history and unseen energies. Utilizing the art of dowsing a water spring was found on the land of Stonehenge Ales Ltd and we started using the most pristine water from the Salisbury Plain aquifer to brew our many excellent award-winning beers. You can explore our many

different brews on our brewery website by clicking this link: www.stonehengeales.co.uk


Now back to the Stonehenge Spring Water. The velvety smooth water tasted so delicious that the idea of filling it into bottles and let other people enjoy the pristine water from the aquifer sprang to mind - and the long process of establishing Stonehenge Spring Water Ltd began in the summer of 2013 - and finally in January 2015 we began sharing the wonderful drinking experience with others.



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